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Adjunct Professor

Turned Union Organizer

I Taught

Visual Culture, American Studies, Photoshop, Video Production, Media Studies, Gender and Women's Studies, Queer Studies, Cultural Studies, Volunteer/Service Learning, Continuing Education Writing, Gender and Sexuality 101 Workshops

I Taught

University of California Irvine, California State University Fullerton, Pitzer College, Scripps College, Claremont Graduate University, Santa Fe Community College, Vermont College of Fine Arts

I Had

Teaching Assistant, Lecturer, Visiting Assistant Professor, Visiting Assistant Adjunct Professor, Adjunct Professor

Service to

Queer Resource Center Advisor, Senior Project Advisor, Thesis Advisor, Dissertation Advisor, LGBTQ Pride Club Advisor, Volunteer Service Curriculum Committee, President's Diversity Advisory Committee, Committee Chair: Gender Neutral Bathroom working group, Adjunct Representative to Faculty Senate

"Service" is generally unpaid work
Course Pay & Annual Salaries

$1950, $2350, $3400, $7500, $8000, $8500

$16,000, $27,500, $28,000, $48,900

Other Jobs While A Professor

Gay Porn Video Editor (under the alias Aileen D'Oeuvre), Home Health Care Aide, Caterer, Freelance Videographer, 1099 Contractor at Educational Non-Profit, Independent Artist Mentor, Unemployment Collector

Union Organizer
SEIU 1021

Part of an exceptional organizing team the won, five union elections in less than a year, and two more the following year, creating seven new union chapters at colleges in the Bay Area

One school included tenure faculty following the lead of adjunct faculty in the organizing, challenging the 1980 Yeshiva ruling that all tenured faculty are management.

Another school's staff chose to unionize after the contingent faculty won their first union contract

Moved to being Field Representative for San Francisco Department of Public Health and San Francisco General Hospital, the hospital hat developed an integrative care model for HIV/AIDS patients that became the standard of care. Sadly, many of the LGTBQ folks who were at the vanguard of HIV care became administrators upholding inequitable policies health care and facilities workers fought against.

As a unionized worker, in four years I went from $53,000 annually to $70,000. I have health care, sick days, vacation days, defined pension, and a 401k option.

degrees earned

MFA, Studio Art, UC Irvine

MA, Cultural Studies, Claremont Graduate University

BA, Visual Art, Antioch College

student debt owed


irs debt owed


bankruptcy charge off


An interview about my professional and economic realities as an Adjunct Professor. (click on link above)

Inside Higher Ed, March 2014

A 2014 essay about my move from teaching to organizing.

Hint: it wasn't easy.

Originally published on Fugitive Faculty blogsite, to be published in the forthcoming anthology, "Teaching Poor."

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to read essay

Labor Pains
then Agitate

A recent essay about finding myself standing in the midst of a new labor movement

click on image

to read essay

Published in issue 18 of make/shift: feminisims in motion. 

Another recent  essay

tracing the use of art as an organizing tool in the 

Adjunct Union movement. 

(click on link above)

Published on the New Faculty Majority Blog, "Majority Rule."

California Faculty Association

Field Representative for the union that set the bar for contingent faculty union contacts. Lecturers at the California State Universities have more of a career pathway than most adjuncts, they can move into 1 year and 3 year contracts as part of their collective bargaining agreement.  This 40 year old union is the conscience of the California State University system, fighting for equity and access as the student body became predominantly first generation and of color while funding from the state stagnated.

As a unionized worker, in two years I went from $71,000 annually to $92,000. I have health care, sick days, vacation days, defined pension, and a 401k option.

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