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I’m an artist and writer making intersectional, queer, feminist work that centers race for three decades. After surviving Seattle in the 1990’s where I co-founded Home Alive in the wake of a friend being raped and murdered, I moved to Los Angeles for graduate school. I entered the academic job market as the (not so) Great Recession cemented the adjunctification of higher education. After nine years of being underemployed teaching at private liberal arts colleges, state universities, and community colleges, while looking for tenure-track positions and working secondary jobs like home health care and gay porn editing, I began to write and speak about the emotional and material realities of living in economic precarity. This led to a job unionizing adjunct faculty with SEIU Local 1021 in Oakland California. I now work for the California Faculty Association, representing faculty at Sacramento State and Humboldt State universities. Please take a look around for more of the story and to see my creative work. Contact me if you are interested in having me participate, speak, organize, or collaborate in your projects and events.

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